The ‘A’ Sound Team

The Entertainment industry has grown manifolds in the last few years. Catering to their complex technical requirements is a mighty task for Audio Crews of various Rental Companies. But, in times when managing staff is the most challenging task faced by all technical service providing companies, we at The A TEAM PRO Tech Crews office train Technical staff for delivering the most complex Sound Setups in a matter of Hours.

The A TEAM will provide you with Technical services for any Sound Related Application in any Field. It may be a second or third show of the day and you are short on staff, or it may be week long installation project that you may have undertaken. Our Audio Team is trained to handle any form of challenge put forth them. The A Team Crew has got you covered for all your Corporate Events, Band Setups, Music Festivals, Award Ceremonies and Product Launches with Experienced Audio Engineers And Trained Crew Members. Maximum Measures of Safety are followed in all activities carried out by The A TEAM Pro Crew.



Sound Crew for Technical Audio Setup, System Tuning, and Spot on Show Running for Events and Other Occasions. The 5 Member Crew Consists of Audio Engineer, Power Technician, Signal Technician And Riggers.

9,999.00 INR