The ‘A’ Sound Team

The Entertainment industry has grown manifolds in the last few years. Catering to their complex technical requirements is a mighty task for Audio Crews of various Rental Companies. But, in times when managing staff is the most challenging task faced by all technical service providing companies, we at The A TEAM PRO Tech Crews office train Technical staff for delivering the most complex Sound Setups in a matter of Hours.

The ‘A’ Light Team

The enhancement of any visual object is done by the lighting. Lights hold a major responsibility in providing the show experience. Production companies today hold advanced lights inventory that can make your show look very flashy and fabulous. But are these lights being used the right way.? And how bad has the backstage area become with all the cabling running to these lights.?

The ‘A’ Visuals Team

In today’s entertainment industry content is where all the money is. Sponsors, brands, corporate and consumers every one wants to be seen. And all the buck is spent in making them look good. This content displayed on the giant LED walls or projectors may not really look that great because the projector was not fine enough or the led wall had noticeable damage and the operator failed to acknowledge your complaint.