About Us

With the rapid boom in the entertainment industry, demand for Quality Production equipment has multiplied. Events have become vibrant and technically more complex. The technology being used to Produce a high class event involves kilometres of cabling networks. Precision and accuracy is required to setup these complex systems. A whole new Power Grid is laid each day and packed each night. And margin for errors is less. Who are the people doing all this technical work? The high demand for production staff, is it being met.??

This demand is being catered to, but not with the standards that the industry must follow.  Unskilled manpower is running some of the most technical jobs of the entertainment industry. The Results we all see, longer setup hours, rectifying unnecessary errors, bad cables, damage to equipment, last minute system failures, power surges, noisy speakers, presentations unable to display and lights never shine on time. Most of us don’t have an option because skilled manpower costs a lot and yet their work may not be satisfactory.

The A TEAM PRO Technical Production Crew came to existence after realising the drastic drop in quality due to the high demand of technical gear in the entertainment industry.  Falling short on staff for a show leads to most of our technical challenges. The result is we take up less shows. This isn’t the solution when a lot of state of the art inventory is sitting idle in the warehouse. The A Team Crew with its trained and certified staff runs your second, third or even your forth event of the day. This way you never fall short of staff to fulfil requirement to any sort of client. Our skilled Sound, Light and AV Crews guarantee that or setups and shows happen with maximum efficiency and no room for error. Its a whole new feeling of doing things right with the highest safety standards and the correct technical crew.

An Important aspect of our workflow is the obligation to safety policies. Safety practices is a mere suggestion to the current Entertainment industry. It also is the greatest loophole to the existence and survival of substandard service providers to this industry. Technical Production is masterpiece of the conceptualiser’s mind and art of the engineer’s skill. It ain’t a live demo of trial and error of an unskilled labours state of mind. No matter how small or big the event is, The A Team Pro Crew is geared up to face and overcome any challenge they come across. These crews are equipped with Helmets, Body Harnesses, Safety Shoes, Gloves and Electrical safety devices. Such practices are followed with the intension of completely avoiding any form of accidents at site, assuring a smooth event flow and Raising Market Standards to eliminate the growing number of low ballers.